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Intro to Socialism Home Unit Plan

Intro to Socialism Home Unit Plan

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The "Intro to Socialism" unit package is everything an American parent needs to teach their child the basics about socialism. This curriculum was created by the experts at our nonprofit organization, Young Americans Against Socialism.

The Full Packet Includes:

  • Five Lessons
  • Lesson Guides for Parents (And Other Instructors)
  • Lesson Workbooks for Students
  • Discussion Prompts 
  • Mastery Progress Tracker
  • Definitions List
  • Links to Supplemental Videos

Mastery Learning

The goal of our unit package is mastery of the subject, not memorization of information for a test that will quickly be forgotten. Mastery means the child has developed an ability to:

  • Speak from the heart on the subjects
  • Understand the logic, nuance and context of issues surrounding the subject
  • Defend their own developed convictions in a challenging discourse 

This learning process is a marathon... a journey! Not a sprint. 

For ALL Types of Students

These lessons are not strictly for homeschooling parents. They can be used in multiple different ways:

  • Taught as lessons in homeschool settings
  • Taught by parents to children as supplemental lessons in addition to their lessons in another form of school (public, private, charter, pod, etc.)
  • Taught by teachers as supplemental education resources and guides

For ALL Ages!

This unit guide was created to help parents with children of all ages, and as each child ages over the years. This packet, including our mastery progress tracker, were designed to be used each year to re-touch on previous discussions and topics to make sure your child is still on track. 

Socialism is not just any other school subject. Education on socialism has a crucial impact on your child, your community, and our country after your child is finished with school. Because of the uniqueness and importance of the subject, American parents need to give these subjects a higher level of attention. 

Throughout the guide and discussion prompts, we include tips to advise you on how and what to teach to your children based on their level of preparedness and development. Considering the terrifying reality of socialism's impacts, some of the course content is obviously not intended to be shared to younger children. Please use discernment and make proper decisions according to what is and is NOT appropriate for your child.  


We see disturbing studies showing 70% of young Americans would select a socialist leader (YouGov 2020), and a majority of young Americans prefer socialism over capitalism (Gallup 2019).  

The lessons provided in this packet provide a level of education on this topic that is not normally seen in your average classroom. By utilizing this packet, your family is taking a major step to avoid ending up with a child that falls to the lies of the socialist Left. 

This package is certainly full of educational material and resources that, if implemented correctly and intentionally, will result in your child having a solid understanding of socialism. 

However, this should not be considered a full and complete educational resource on the entire history, economic structure, and matters surrounding socialism. We recommend using multiple other sources to fully learn about the issues. 


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