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Our education system is failing to teach our youth about the dangers and historic failures of socialism. Millions of people have been killed under socialism, but young people believe implementation would result in a utopia.

Young people look at their phones an average of 70 times per day and are getting their news and political education on social media, which is dominated by liberal propaganda.


We are bringing powerful, emotional, and educational stories to the screens of millions of young Americans, telling them the experiences of those who have lived through the horrifying reality of socialism.

Young people will have no choice but to consume YAAS content that is placed on their feeds. And the best part is that it won’t be boring. We’re taking the Left’s tactics of emotion and throwing it right back in their faces.

YAAS videos reach millions of people every month!
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Democratic Socialists claim that their ideology is different from socialism. It's not. In every single country its located in, socialism has led that country to ruin and in many cases, it was under the guise of democracy. Whether through a democratic process or through corruption, a socialist run government is destined for failure.


Venezuelan socialist dictators Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro were both democratically elected to power. They both introduced many social welfare programs that in the long run crippled the nation and put money in the pockets of the government bureaucrats. Millions and millions of dollars were embezzled. Because of these socialist policies, Venezuelan citizens are eating dogs off the street to survive.


Even if it starts in a democracy, Socialism leads to the destruction of the nation’s economy and the rights and livelihood of its people. Socialism is estimated to be responsible for the deaths of millions worldwide. No matter what form it comes in, Socialism always has the same result.

"If young people aren't learning in school about the catastrophic impact socialism has on society and there's no incentive for them to seek it out on their own, what's stopping us from turning into a socialist country?

I'm fired up and I'm ready to fix that.

We're taking emotional, yet educational videos of real victims of socialism to where young people are most: social media."

Morgan Zegers
YAAS Founder & CEO


Capitalism has lifted millions of people across the world out of poverty. Unlike Socialism, Capitalism allows us to pursue our dreams, work our passion, improve on our flaws and move forward together as a society. Overall, Capitalism allows us to be who we want to be.


Capitalism has allowed innovators across our country to develop solutions to problems like climate change. Clean energy already employs more workers than the oil industry. As young Americans, we care about the future of our planet but the biggest polluters in the world are socialist countries. Free markets are already paving the way towards a greener future.


Free market healthcare, gives you more freedom and better quality healthcare. Socialized healthcare systems, even in first world nations, have all resulted in longer wait lines and lower quality in care. Any government-mandated healthcare program is not going to cater to you, the consumer.



Our videos reach millions of viewers a month while having a lean and mean structure. This structure allows us to put more of our resources into producing more and more videos. This means your contributions go directly to the creation of more content. Our time, energy and resources are dedicated solely to producing educational videos to change the minds of Young Americans across the country.


There is no one more passionate in the fight against socialism than a person who has suffered through it. Your contribution allows us to continue to search for and tell the stories of those that have personally suffered from socialism. With your help, we can make sure those stories are heard.


The future of our country depends on us educating young Americans. Socialism has ruined every country it has been found in and if we don't educate them on its dangers, we are doomed to repeat it. Your contribution will help us to change the course of our nation.