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  • Xi Van Fleet, China

    Growing up in the Cultural Revolution of communist China

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  • Jennifer Zeng

    Escaping a Chinese Labor Camp

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  • Gabby Franco, Venezuela

    Olympic Shooter Leaves Home Country Because of Socialism

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  • Gen Z Fighting Against Socialism

    Morgan joins Jaco Booyens on The Bottom Line at his studio in Dallas, Texas to discuss her interviews with survivors of socialism and communism.

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  • The Rise of Young Political Activists

    Morgan sits down with Nick, host of American Game Changers at the Epoch Times studio in Orange County, CA to discuss her work as a young conservative political activist.

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  • CPAC 2021 Panel: Socialists Destroy The Nuclear Family

    Main stage panel featuring Morgan Zegers, Congressman Burgess Owens (UT-04), former White House Appointee for the Commission of Social Status of Black Men and Boys, Jack Brewer and Fox Contributor Leo Terrell.

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  • "Thanks to my Communist Roommate"

    Morgan Zegers joins Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Newsmax to discuss her communist roommate, starting her educational nonprofit, and more.

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  • Hollywood Obsessed with Turning You Socialist

    Morgan Zegers joins Chad Prather at the Blaze Studios in Dallas, TX to discuss the socialist influence in America and more.

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  • Young Anti-Socialist Reads Her Mean Messages

    Morgan sits down with the Daily Caller in Washington, DC to read through some of the most hateful messages she's received from the "progressive" Left.

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