Educate Freedom is the learning program powered by Young Americans Against Socialism.

Our organization was founded in 2019 by Morgan Zegers.

In 2018, Morgan Zegers graduated from American University with a B.A. in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government. While attending school in the nation's capitol, Morgan was shocked by her generation's embrace of radical leftism. Her own housemate even had a communist poster celebrating the 20th century's deadly communist dictators.

Disturbed by what she witnessed in college, Morgan began researching the issue.

After college, Morgan took a job in corporate advertising, but spent her free time planning out the beginning of an educational nonprofit that would teach Americans the truth about deadly socialism and communism.

In 2019, the Young Americans Against Socialism team began traveling the country to record interviews with survivors from socialist and communist countries. The first videos released on social media received over 20 million views!

We've been creating national impact from the start.

Within months of launching, our survivor interviews had millions of views, and Morgan appeared on national media (including Fox and Friends the Glenn Beck Show), and spoke at national events, including the Council for National Policy and the National Tea Party's 10th Anniversary on Capitol Hill (pictured right).

Over the years, our productions grew.

In 2019, we started with short and punchy social media clips that quickly highlighted the horrible experiences and lessons of survivors.

In 2020, we hunkered down during the pandemic with selfie videos from survivors, articles from the team, and educational videos from Morgan like, "Debunking 4 Myths About Socialism."

In 2021, we began long-form interviews with survivors, featuring their life stories, lessons learned, comparisons between American and their home country, and their messages to young Americans falling for socialist lies.

But in this age of radical leftism and censorship, we started to face serious challenges.

For example, take a look at the screenshot of our video from August 15, 2019 (pictured left). The video received 3,800,000 views, 130,000 shares, 87,300 likes, and 7,600 comments.

Leftist Big Tech didn't like this, so now it is nearly impossible to watch this video. Big Tech began to block our videos from being viewed.

After brainstorming for solutions, we had a realization: We needed to think bigger.

After the tyrannical and chaotic last few years in America, we realized we need to scale our plans and have much greater impact, but how?

Our Answer: Provide a direct solution.

Our Future: At-Home Curriculum and Lesson Plans for American Families

It's time to completely re-imagine and reform how Americans are taught about the crucial subjects of history, economics, human nature, and the relationship between a government and its' people.

We cannot keep letting public schools, social media, news outlets, and flashy political movements indoctrinate our children.

Parents must embrace their role as their child's first and most important educator.

Our resources are here to serve you, and to make this journey of education as simple and easy as possible.

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