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  • Morgan Zegers

  • Allison Rogers

  • Sunny Kutcher

Morgan Zegers

Founder and Board Member

Morgan Zegers graduated from American University in 2018 with a B.A. in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government. After working in advertising in the private sector, Morgan founded Young Americans Against Socialism in 2019.

Morgan is the host of a weekly podcast featuring commentary on current events, culture, politics, and lifestyle, and is featured as a contributor at Turning Point USA.

As a political commentator, Morgan has appeared on Fox News, CNN, and other national outlets. Morgan has spoken on national stages and at major conservative events, including CPAC 2020 and 2021, Council for National Policy, National Tea Party, Texas Youth Summit, The Heritage Foundation's Awakening Conference, the Steamboat Institute, and more.

Allison Rogers

Chief Executive Officer and Vice President

Allie studied Infant and Childhood Development in college, and after working closely with families and their young children for ten years, she developed a strong philosophy about what children need in order to thrive in their environment: trust, respect, security and family.

Allie grew up in Northern California with her family, and learned early on how to defend her strong conservative values by the way she was raised in the leftist stronghold state. Her mom would talk openly with her about those suffering in communist countries, specifically China and North Korea, and those conversations instilled a deeper sense of individual freedom at a young age. During the pandemic, she connected with our founder, Morgan Zegers, at a political summit and shortly after, she began working with the organization.

Allie's passion for writing, sincere love for our nation's values, experience with developing young minds, and knowledge of the importance of the family unit and how to guide parents in developmentally appropriate conversations with their children has opened new exciting pathways for our organization's new learning program, Educate Freedom.

Sunny Kutcher

Chief Operations Officer

Sunny was born and raised in the suburbs of New York and has always had a passion for liberty, history, and individualism. Strong American values and worldviews were instilled in her by her freedom-loving father and her mother, who immigrated from France because she was so drawn to the opportunity for success and prosperity that is the American dream.

From a young age, Sunny would debate her classmates with conviction on American independence and free market economics. After graduating from New York University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Sunny relocated to Los Angeles. She became involved with grassroots campaigns and fundraising in order to restore law and order to one of America’s most beautiful cities that has been destroyed by detrimental radical left policies. She now resides in Florida and works with Educate Freedom where she can apply her experience in production, donor communications, and love for our great nation. She believes it is incredibly important to understand the horrors of socialism and communism to ensure America remains free. Sunny is honored to be sharing cornerstone American values with families across the country and reaching young patriots of the rising generations with our message of freedom.

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