Young Americans Against Socialism is a nonpartisan 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to exposing socialism’s failures to young Americans by creating viral educational videos for social media.

Socialism is an ideology and political movement that originated in the early eighteenth century. Outlined in detail by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in reaction to the flaws and abuses of the early industrial revolution, socialism and communism are known to be synonyms: both ideologies are rooted in opposition to the practice of the natural legal tradition of property rights and capitalism, which is the practice of free trade and private ownership of property and production. Throughout history, socialism has been seen as a necessary step on the road to communism.

At this point in history, it can be said without exception or error that every implementation of socialism in history, at any time and in any nation, has utterly failed. The cost of socialism since its inception in terms of human lives, productivity, and prosperity, while difficult to calculate precisely, is immense, and perhaps beyond calculation.  

The United States of America, as outlined in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, was founded upon the principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We find that Socialism (and Communism) have worked and continue to work to the detriment of these goals around the globe. While the entirety of the flaws of the socialist doctrine will not be outlined in this document, the foundational principles of that ideology can be demonstrated to be fundamentally un-American in nature. Economically speaking, these include (but are not limited to) the seizure of private industry by the state and consequent restriction of freedom to work and trade, the taxation and/or seizure of familial inheritance, the forced redistribution of earnings and wealth, anti-competitive laws and policies to promote the good of certain laborers over the general consumer, the centralization of government and economic policymaking and restriction of the right to work for oneself. Culturally speaking, these include (but are not limited to) the abolition of freedom of religion, destruction of the traditional family structure and marriage, restrictions to accessing tools of self-defense, restrictions on the freedom of speech, assembly and of the press, a monopolization of legislative power by party leaders as opposed to the citizenry.  We find these objectives inconsistent with the founding principles and documents of the United States of America.  

Socialism aims to subject individuals to collectivism and statism, to put an ever-elusive collective good over tangible individual needs and wants. And throughout history, in every nation in which socialism has been implemented, this objective has been accomplished by violent force, and in each case the “common good” has not been bettered, and the citizenry in these nations has found itself worse off.

Collectivism and economic statism, i.e. Socialism and Communism have grown steadily more pervasive in American academia and other intellectual spheres, and we seek to address this trend by providing relevant information detailing the abject failures of this ideology in the hopes to educate young Americans in the hope of growing cultural understanding of the evils of socialism and why it matters to them and future generations.


Young Americans are supporting socialism at an astronomical rate without understanding its major pitfalls. Our education system is failing at its job of educating the youth on the history of socialism and its failures. Social media has created an emotional, surface level culture of accepting socialism as being the “moral” thing to do and the “solution.”


In order to combat this problem in our culture, Young Americans Against Socialism is bringing timely, interesting, but still educational info to where young Americans are most: social media. The videos YAAS produces take advantage of the emotional, personal stories of those that have been affected by the horrifying reality of socialism. Young people look at their phones an average of 70 times per day and will have no choice but to consume YAAS content that is shared onto their news feeds.

YAAS videos reach millions of people every month!

YAAS videos will continually expose the truth of socialism to young Americans!

And finally, YAAS videos will change the hearts and minds of our next generation of voters!